Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Truffle Beyond Compare

Today something wonderful happened. A messenger showed up at my door bearing an elegant box of my favorite truffles from my generous friends at La Maison du Chocolat. I immediately popped one in my mouth, and marveled at its perfection. Robert Linxe’s La Maison du Chocolat has long been known for their ultra-creamy ganache, made with farm-fresh cream and a bittersweet Valrhona chocolate that is made exclusively for them. 

The smooth ganache center of the truffle is enrobed with an ultra-thin dark chocolate shell, then dusted in Dutch-processed Valrhona cocoa powder. It is the combination of those three textures—creamy ganache, crunchy shell, powdery coating—and the simplicity of the intense chocolate flavor that makes these truffles so special. They are manna from heaven, and I feel special whenever I’m lucky enough to enjoy them. You will, too. www.lamaisonduchocolat.com

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