Thursday, April 18, 2013

Key Lime Bars with White Chocolate Whipped Cream

Here’s my piece of advice for the day: avoid moving at all costs. It really stinks. It’s as stressful as surgery and, just as honest doctors will they tell you to avoid being cut open unless absolutely necessary, I suggest you avoid relocating your domicile for the same reason: it may just kill you. That being said, I’ve arrived in Florida, the Sunshine State, and so far, so good. Though many New Yorkers turn their 

collective noses up at the thought of living in a place where residents ride their bicycles to pick up their prescriptions at the local pharmacy, I say what’s not to love? The weather’s amazing (though I may be singing a different tune towards the end of August), people are unbelievably nice, and there’s always an early bird special to be found. Paradise, non? Yes, life here has its unpleasant moments – 

this morning, for example, I found a dead lizard floating belly-up in the pool – but mostly it’s a happy environment and I embrace it.

In honor of my new home I decided to make Key Lime Bars. To be technical, they should really be called Persian Lime bars, as I couldn’t find any Key limes at my local Publix supermarket (give me some time, already). But they are still quite 

wonderful, particularly topped with White Chocolate Whipped Cream. One bite, and you may just feel a warm, poolside breeze brush your face as your stress floats away. Just like the dead lizard. You may even find yourself smiling, though not as brightly as I did when I realized I wouldn’t have to pay New York State taxes anymore.