Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Treats

Recently I came across an adorable and delicious product that is perfect for Easter and, for that matter, any special occasion. Whenever I see a really cute confection, my expectations are generally low as to how they will taste. Browniepops, however, surprised me. They are fudgy brownies covered in chocolate (white, milk or dark), hand-decorated, and on a handy little stick. The brainchild of Kansas City native Marsha Pener Johnston, Browniepops are available in 11 flavors, including Caramel, Chocolate Malted, Missouri Mud, Toffee, and Cream Cheese Swirl, among others. They can be customed-decorated to your specs for weddings or corporate events and gifts, and are available in personalized holiday designs. The Easter-inspired Browniepops are decorated as chicks, bunnies and pastel-colored egg shapes, and are as delicious as they are adorable. Trust me, I ate three. To learn more, visit or