Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dark Victory

I’ve known chocolatier Norman Love for many years, back to the time he was working as the Corporate Pastry Chef for the Ritz-Carlton. Today he is one of the country’s premier chocolatiers, and he produces some seriously stylish, delectable chocolates. If you’re a lover a dark chocolate, I recommend his Black line. Each of the five chocolates in the Black collection is made with cocoa beans from one of the world’s five premium growning regions: The Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Boliva, Venezuela and Madagascar.

These chocolates are made with high-cocoa mass Swiss dark chocolate (Felchlin brand), ranging from 64 to 74 percent. The filling is pure, creamy ganache, with no infused flavor. This is chocolate for the chocolate purist, plain and simple. www.normanloveconfections.com.