Friday, May 15, 2009

Pastry in Europe

Pastry in Europe 2009 (Culibooks, 2009) is a glossy new book with a bright pink cover which details the latest recipes and trends in European pastry. Culibooks is a small Belgian publisher of European books and pastry magazines, including Culinaire Saisonnier and Pâtisserie & Desserts. Pastry in Europe 2009 is their first book produced for the North American market, and Culibooks plans on releasing a new version each year. This 256-page, lavishly photographed book highlights Europe’s latest pastry techniques and includes recipes from top pastry chefs and chocolatiers, including Philippe Conticini, Roger van Damme, Oriol Balaguer and Gérald Passédat.

There are also plenty of classic and regional favorites featured, and it’s well worth the eye-popping $99 price tag. For more info, visit or to purchase this book, visit